Wednesday, 13 September 2017

New Music Video

What About Us

Pink is back with yet another hit for the charts and her first single excluding her collaborative music with fellow musician Dallas Green on the album "Roseave" since 2012.  
"What About Us" is the lead single to be released from Pinks upcoming seventh studio album "Beautiful Trauma" which is set for release October 13th 2017; the track is a dance floor anthem and has been dubbed a protest song for a lot of the tragedies that have occurred in the United States which as we all Pink is not afraid to share her thought and feelings on politics and current affairs in the world. The song has already been exploding up the charts reaching top in over 5 countries across Europe, to 20 in Canada and Hungry and topping the charts in Australia and Scotland. The video contains great visuals and cinematography as it feels like your stepping into a Hollywood blockbuster movie with the opening scene being a showing a number of moving imagery including a helicopter circling the city, a woman crying in her car, Pink getting her head shaved among many others before we see a group of outcasts in what looks to be an abandoned area whilst Pink begins to tell the story of the music. The video uses its abstract choreography to display and depict the emotion of the song and the message behind the video which not only focuses on the current state of the world but also has a strong and captivating message of love. We are so glad to see Pink back on the charts with yet another ground breaking record we know will be gracing our airwaves for years to come.


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